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2nd year course to start

The John Retallack Playwriting Course, Oxford, announces a new 2nd year course, by popular demand, starting October 2019.

Pictured: Performance workshop in May 2019 (L-R: Tamsin Heatley; Jos Vantyler and writer Joanna Gibbon)

I’m delighted to report that those who took my course this year have got together and requested that I progress the course into a 2nd year.

There will be two 2nd year groups, each one made up of 7 writers.

Each group will meet once a month in Oxford, over a period of 9 months, for a whole day, from 10am – 5pm.

There will be a final day, for each group, in June 2020, in which extracts from each writer’s play will be performed to an audience in London – the venue will be announced early next year.

Pictured: Performance workshop May 2019

In the 2nd year we will go deeper into certain key aspects of playwriting; different types of play (including adaptation and plays for radio), the relationship of story and plot, the beats in a scene, subtext, imaginative use of time and place, how to get physical movement into a play – and, of course, structure, and why story matters so much.

The key expectation on each writer who does the 2nd year course will be to complete a new play (from scratch) over the 9-month period.

All of the writers completed a play in the course of their first year.

Pictured: Recent performance workshop in May 2019 (L-R Jos Vantyler; Simon Lenagan; Tamsin Heatley)

This month alone, Ian Grant had a reading of his play BARBARA AND CECILY at The Park Theatre in North London, Rebecca Abrams had her play THE SPACES BETWEEN US performed at The Mint in Oxford and Will Adolphy has a reading of THE FARMHOUSE at The Old Red Lion later in July. Earlier in the year, Peter Popham had his play THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN performed at Optik Theatre in Richmond.

Further readings will take place in 2019. These readings are all by professional actors who work regularly for the course. This excellent repertory company are a vital resource to the writers.

Meanwhile, The John Retallack Playwriting Coursewill continue into its third year and will take place on Mondays from 6-8.30pm. There are 3 places remaining on this year’s course, which begins on September 30th and continues, every Monday, to June 2020.



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